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"In working with budding entrepreneurs developing their businesses, implementing Test My Pitch has been invaluable in helping them to craft better pitches and to communicate more effectively with potential investors and customers. Their exposure to mission critical feedback within a low-stakes environment directly improved confidence in themselves, their business, and their delivery of important and relevant information to the audience. Test My Pitch simplifies an oftentimes overwhelming process and presents real-world feedback in a manner that directly improves an entrepreneur's ability to engage their audience and get results."

- Justin Hall, Co.Starters

"I found out about Test My Pitch and the PitchAssist program only four days ahead of an important business pitch competition. Through our multiple phone and email interactions, my pitch coach provided invaluable editing and guidance which significantly improved our pitch. The input also improved our confidence so that on pitch day our delivery was good enough to win the competition! As a result, we have received valuable funding, connections to great resources and marketplace exposure. Thanks for helping us get launched Test My Pitch!"

- Zachary Schwartz, Fusion Cross-Media

"At first I was appalled at my mistakes and goofs–then I realized the beauty of TestMyPitch. I got help until I got it right! Thanks, Test My Pitch."

- Peter Billard, Peter Billard Photographer

"Uh oh. Been there, done that...was my first thought after being invited to Test My Pitch.

I think I'm a pretty experienced networker and I like to believe my 'pitch' is pretty darned good. But I agreed to give it a try and a promise is a promise. I chose the "30 second introduction" option.

The structure and feedback provided by Test My Pitch revealed (to my surprise!) some things I'd been saying...that I was not communicating very effectively. I was none too happy to learn that, I assure you!

Now, after I've incorporated their feedback, I find my 'new' message is getting more people to respond to me and with far more realistic expectations than I was getting from my 'old' 30 second commercial message.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting to gain the clarity and insight I did but, now that I have, I am very glad I gave Test My Pitch a try. My pitching is enriching my contact opportunities and, my 'bottom line', as well."

- Bill Doerr, The Profit Project