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How it Works

Communities for better communication

Engage Community.

Get more people “off the bench and in
the game”. Resistance to speak in public and poor
communication skills hamstrings community
growth. Empower those with promise to improve
their communication and reach their potential.
Imagine what will be accomplished when your
community is more inclusive.

Prepare and Grow.

Help your community members develop their
communication skills in a safe and friendly
environment. Use the Test My Pitch process to
simplify and accelerate pitch drafting. Your
mentors give feedback that is aligned with the
objective that you set. Skills grow quickly through
cycles of iteration and feedback.

Sustain Community.

Often successful programs end with no method to
sustain engagement. The group disbands and
their collective institutional wisdom is lost
forever. Today’s alumni are tomorrow’s mentors,
promoters and sponsors. Leverage the value of
your alumni by keeping them engaged,
contributing and evolving on Test My Pitch.

Measure Progress and Impact.

It’s been famously said that, “you can’t manage
what you don’t measure.” Using Test My Pitch,
you’ll have all the data you need to view
individual progress and trajectory, mentor
engagement and program impact. The data will
inform your ability to optimize programming and
develop best practices.