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About Test My Pitch

You're Among Friends

Is your message on target? Practicing by yourself will only take you so far. Our community of entrepreneurs and business professionals will let you know how to optimize your message for success. We will will help you get out off the sidelines and into the spotlight by giving you a comfortable environment to develop your pitching form and substance.

Test My Pitch is a community of entrepreneurs and business professionals who create, share, and offer feedback on each others idea pitches and self-introductions. You have a great business idea, you introduce yourself to others, you have to customize your message for a new audience, in other words...you have a story to tell. Wouldn’t it be nice to have feedback before relating your story to an important audience? No longer do you have nervous or uncertain as to how your words will be received...your friends at Test My Pitch will make sure that you’re on target.

What you say is not nearly as important as what your audience hears. Test My Pitch is a place to draft, learn, experiment, practice and perfect your words. We are passionate about helping you succeed. By nurturing a safe and friendly community of like minded business professionals, we will help you NAIL IT EVERY TIME!

Why did we form? Like you, we are tired of feeling anxious about and unprepared to deliver our pitches, we want to know how our words will be responded to before we step in front the ‘important’ audience, and because our mom is no longer giving us the feedback that we need!

Headquartered in Ivoryton, Connecticut, USA, Test My Pitch began at Startup Weekend Storrs, CT in March of 2013.

Bill Kenney
User Advocate
  Danny Briere
Founder, Startup Connecticut and
Managing Partner, Horsebarn Hill Ventures
Jeffrey Cohen Jeffery Cohen
Technology Partner
  John Seiffer
Board Member, Angel Investor Forum and
Business Advisor, CEO Boot Camp
Kelly Kenney
Strategic Partnerships
  Jewell Sparks
Global Head of Innovation Scouting and Inclusion (Germany)
Board Member (International Relations), Social Media Club
Founder, The BiTHOUSE
Brett Hartmann
Marketing Intern